We Need to Return to Our Roots-Our Natural Roots

We seek to enlighten people who are interested in living a healthy and holistic life. We have reasons to believe that melanated people all over the world have distinct body characteristics and physiology that more than physically separates us from those having less melanin. This distinctive body physiology requires special food, herbs and nutrition to support the melanated molecules in our bodies. Therefore, we must cater to this need exclusively.

Many of the health problems of Black people in the Diaspora result from nutritional deficiencies in our diet, chemical and environmental  pollution, vitamin-deficient food, etc. We require an Afrikan Diet of traditional organic foods such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and ground provisions such as cassava, yams, millet and sorghum.

Our food must contain no artificial preservatives, no artificial additives, no genetically-modified anything, no man-made chemicals and pesticide-free.