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About Herbalism

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About Herbalism

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Herbology: Study of herbs

Herbalism: As a way of life, a religion practiced by our ancient ancestors in Africa

Herbalism is a way of life, based on obeying the laws of nature which are the Laws of the Most High, God.  Once you obey the Laws of Nature, you will be in tune with the harmony of life, a part of the equilibrium and alignment factor which puts us on the path to oneness with our creator, God.

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Ancient Africans use the healing spirits of herbs to heal one’s spirit, mind and body.  Just by being physically in the presence of plants or trees, you can be healed.  All living things have a spiritual aspect to it, but plants and mankind have a special relationship, a magnetism or synergy which is only possible because our physical body is plant based and the spirit is universal.  So the medicinal properties of plants are transmitted spiritually to man.  This has been proven by the practices of Africans and indigenous people in North and South America and the Caribbean .  They cut fresh herbs or leaves and just brush down the sick person topically and they are healed of whatever the complaint was.  You can call it what you want, but it is the universal magnetism between plants and humans that reflects the manifestation of the creator, the Most High God’s relationship with mankind through plants with Himalayan drug.

There is another natural phenomenon we should examine, our relationship with the sun, the moon and the entire solar system.  The sun is our center of life in this world and the center of other planets in the system.  It radiates light, heat and electromagnetic energy to mankind, plants and animals.  Without the sun, nothing can stay alive on earth.  The moon is a partner of the sun, representing male and female, positive and negative poles, the fire and water source of life, etc. These energies are radiated to Earth, hence to man, by way of the plants and water to mankind.  This is the form the Most High chooses to manifest to the physical senses of mankind.  Everything we use to sustain ourselves comes directly or indirectly from the sun.  Check this out: the sun makes plants grow, bear fruits; its rays strengthen and rejuvenate us; supply us physical foods, fruits, vegetables, grains and tubers, which are all condensed sunlight. So all of this points to the reason our African ancestors paid homage to the sun, giver of all light and life (fire) and the moon, the nurturer of life through water. Notice the relationship between the moon and the growing of food crops, etc. The moon regulates the tides, plant growth, interactions with the earth and so on. Get more about black herbal business

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Therefore, our ancestors long ago, identified and recognized these relationships with fire, water, air and earth. That these elements keep the world alive and are present in mankind has been transmitted from creation to this day through plants to sell online through 100k factory ecommerce. So if one practices herbalism, obey the laws of nature by not polluting the body with toxins or abusing the mind with evil thoughts, we can put the body back in perfect alignment which is Oneness with the Most High.

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