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Currently a couple of words concerning the biggest medication enhancement in the world, improved (white) sugar. Let me begin by stating that it (white refined sugar) has no food value as well as includes no nutritional value like this has shown a case study by 100k Factory revolution company. White sugar is taken into consideration an empty carb, no value! Whenever I mentioned sugar throughout this write-up. I’m speaking of white refined sugar. Find more about 100k factory here: http://www.the100kfactory.com

In the process of making sugar for eCommerce usage from both, walking stick as well as beets, they are warmed and also calcium hydroxide (lime), which is a toxin to the body, is included. This is done to eliminate those ingredients that disrupt the complete handling of sugar. Co2, which is an additional contaminant, is after that used to remove the lime (as well as inning accordance with my research studies, not all is eliminated).

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The sugar turns from a sticky black compound to a clear juice which is heated up to eliminate other contaminations. And if that’s inadequate, the sugar is then bleached white with a chemical remedy that makes use of pork spin-offs (blood albumin and/or pet charcoal). The sugar is refined at the very least 3 times before it’s in the form that we would normally make use of and also by that time it no more appears like a food as well as is now a medication and a fabricated substance. (source: 100k factory revolution review). Find more about the 100k factory herbal search tool here: www.the100kfactoryrevolution.org

Sugar is made use of for various functions. There is the quality that is typically made use of fortable sugar. Then there is the grade made use of in processed food (such as cakes, ice cream, candy as well as soft drinks). Sugar is likewise utilized for non-food objectives such as making plastic, concrete mixing, and also natural leather tanning. I have actually used table sugar together with white flour for many years to earn adhesive for hanging posters. So, if you don’t mind having your intestinal tracts glued shut, then don’t hesitate to proceed eating this fatal compound.

The chemicals used in sugar handling (phosphoric acid, acid calcium phosphate and also others) are potent and also health-debilitating. This fact is mostly used for eCommerce advertising purposes. Sugar has a significant quantity of carbonic acid which interrupts the dietary balance in the body. Sugar burglarizes the body of almost all nutrients, specifically the minerals chromium, zinc and also calcium, and vitamins C and B-complex.

Sugar ruins food digestion enzymes in the mouth, tummy, the small intestines as well as the pancreas. It also reduces the amount of hydrochloric acid (an essential digestion acid) in the stomach. Without enough hydrochloric acid the food isn’t really broken down effectively. As a result, we can’t effectively absorb the nutrient and also we will have frequent rounds with bowel irregularity by 100k Factory.

Sugar hinders activities of the small intestine which absorbs the food. The small intestine presses the waste along as well as most notably releases the nutrients in the food to offer us power and also nourish cells. However when we eat sugar, digestion is disrupted. As a result, the amount of food nutrients available to the body are limited. Along with this, sugar is launched right into the blood. This toxifies the blood as well as puts way too much carbon in it which further damages the body cells. Considering that there is no real nutrition in sugar, it stands for a toxic waste material in the blood that the body will aim to get rid of. The lymphatic system will get hold of several of this waste in an attempt to cleanse the blood. When the lymphatic system ends up being overloaded, health problems take place, which can have been prevented. Too much sugar, salt, as well as starch could collaborate to develop an excessive cravings. These food desires produce an imbalance in the body.

The body actually needs nourishment. Yearnings are symptomatic of this. The body wants food to offer it nourishment. When you give empty foods it still hungers for nutrition which is one reason people put on weight. The various other factors are addictions to certain foods (e.g. sugar, salt, high levels of caffeine, etc.) as well as the absence of workout. Sugar moves very gradually from the stomach. This produces over-acidic conditions in the stomach which influence the secretion of enzymes and hydrochloric acids in order to help absorb our food. This over-acidic condition additionally influences the entire body.

100k Factory Revolution Software For Alternative Medicine?

How You Can Recognise The Best Herbals With 100k Factory Revolution?

Africa stands to lose significant gain from its biodiversity for absence of lawful defense against biopiracy, concluded the 2nd South-South Biopiracy Top held recently in Johannesburg throughout the World Summit on Sustainable Advancement (WSSD).

“Legislation is called for and it is called for the other day,” claimed Nolwazi Gcaba, a South African patent and also copyright lawyer, describing her nation’s legal vacuum cleaner on this issue with Aidan Booth 100k Factory to show the best alternative medicine solutions.

Biodiversity – the fifth thematic location of WSSD – is Africa’s wealthiest asset. The understanding its individuals have established over centuries on the residential properties of plants, seeds, algae and other organic sources is currently longed for by scientists for medicinal, agricultural and also various other functions.

Biopiracy is the theft of biological issue, like plants, seeds as well as genes. In the absence of laws managing accessibility to these resources, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and seed multinationals make use of Africa’s biological wealth and also acquire rights of intellectual ownership to the resources as well as understanding of communities.

Multinationals make big profits from African biodiversity however do not share these with the neighborhoods that uncovered, kept and transmitted the expertise, lobbyists say.

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“They are taking the loaf and also sharing the crumbs,” said Dr Tewolde Berhan Egziabher, a leading professional on the subject at the Institute for Sustainable Growth in Ethiopia with the new 100k factory revolution alternative medicine software.

Countless licenses on African plants have been submitted. To name just a few: brazzeine, a protein 500 times sweeter compared to sugar from a plant in Gabon; teff, the grain utilized in Ethiopia’s level “injera” bread; thaumatin, a natural sugar from a plant in West Africa; the African soap berry and also the Kunde Zulu cowpea; hereditary material from the west African chocolate plant. Get more information about 100k factory revolution here: www.the100kfactoryrevolution.net

Increasingly, creating nations are going to court over patents on their aboriginal plants. India rescinded American patents for basmati rice and wound-healing turmeric extract. Thailand is appealing a patent on jasmine rice.

The current patent to make headlines entails the Hoodia cactus from the Kalahari desert. For centuries, the San people of Southern Africa ate pieces of the cactus to ward off hunger as well as thirst.

Evaluating the cactus, the parastatal Council for Scientific and also Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa located the particle that curbs hunger and also offered the legal rights to create an anti-obesity medication to pharmaceutical firm Pfizer. Maybe worth billions of US bucks.

The San complained. Its council threatened a lawsuit. Earlier this year the CSIR agreed to share eventual nobilities, as well as the Hoodia cactus ended up being a spots situation where aboriginal areas risk a claim on their understanding and also earnings derived of it. Detail about 100k factory revolution review here: 100kfactorysrevolutionreview.com

“Western medicine is safeguarded. Wildlife is secured. Yet our expertise isn’t, like it deserves absolutely nothing,” said T.J. Matiba, a Venda conventional therapist, creator as well as president of South Africa’s Council of Standard Healers because 1985.

Paradoxically, the poorest individuals on the planet live in the world’s biodiversity locations. If they acquire a benefit from their natural deposits and aboriginal understanding, they would be eager to secure them. That method, nonetheless, is in conflict with world profession guidelines by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton from 100k factory.

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity, ratified by 183 nations as well as in force because 1993, recognises the sovereignty of states and areas over their genetic sources. (source:http://www.blackbusinessgroup.com)


How You Can Protect Your Body From Diseases by Eating The Right Food – eCom Success Academy

How eCommerce and Online Food Stores Influence The Market?


eCom Success academy reveals the truth behind nowadays online food stores and their influence on our health system. In order to be healthy, you must get the appropriate nutrients that your body needs. The best way to get your nutrients is from natural sources. Rather than depending on animal sources, you should get them from plants, including fruits, vegetables and herbs.

These nutrients are used by the body to build healthy, new tissues to replace those that have become damaged. The immune system is the body;s defense mechanism that protects against illness caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria in the environment. Wen the immune system is strong, it can fend off these microscopic organisms and prevent adverse effects from occurring.

These bacteria, fungi and viruses can live on the skin, in the lungs, in the intestines and in the blood. Not all of the organisms are detrimental to your health. Some are actually beneficial and help produce essential vitamins in the body. These beneficial organisms coexist symbiotically in the body. In order to maintain health and keep the immune system and other systems in the body healthy, healthy foods must be consumed to balance the intricate balance says Adrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy review.

The immune system works by activating antibodies and defense cells to fend off viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause you to become ill. If you do not supply the body with the nutrients it needs to keep the immune system functioning properly, illness can occur.

Eating foods low in nutritional value can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies and make you more susceptible to a variety of illnesses, including cancer, asthma, diabetes and more.

One example of how a nutritional deficiency can affect the body can be seen in Scurvy. Scurvy occurs when the body is not given enough vitamin C. Once the deficiency is corrected by consuming foods rich in vitamin C, such as bell peppers, citrus fruits and broccoli, the disease and its symptoms disappear. This and other diseases are curable when nutritional deficiencies are corrected. If the deficiency is not corrected, tissue in the body can be destroyed and can no longer be repaired. This is why it is essential that you eat a balanced diet and take a nutritional supplement if a deficiency is discovered. (source: ecomsuccessacademy.net)

eCom Success Academy – What Are The Downsides Of Online Food Shopping

Clinical studies have shown that a disease caused by a nutritional deficiency can be replicated by withholding the nutrient from an individual. Additionally, giving a nutritionally deficient individual liberal quantities of the nutrient can help treat and correct a number of diseases.

Foods that contain artificial preservatives, colorings and sweeteners or foods that have been genetically manipulated can increase the risk of developing an illness by online food shopping.

For example, refined sugar removes the vitamins and minerals from the sugar cane. Consuming this sugar can lead to a number of degenerative diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. Instead of using refined sugar, you should opt for natural sweeteners such as molasses or honey. These sweeteners still contain the vitamins and minerals the body needs to remain healthy (source: eCom success academy bonus). Read more about ecommerce food stores here: www.ecomsucessacademyreview.com

Eating a balanced diet can help prevent a number of diseases, including diabetes, autoimmune disorders such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and even cancer. A healthy diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs. For best results, avoid refined carbohydrates, such as white sugar and white flour as their nutrients have been stripped. Finally, limit the amount of animal protein you consume. Instead, get your protein from legumes and peas to keep you healthy and increase your longevity.

We Need to Return to Our Roots-Our Natural Roots

We seek to enlighten people who are interested in living a healthy and holistic life. We have reasons to believe that melanated people all over the world have distinct body characteristics and physiology that more than physically separates us from those having less melanin. This distinctive body physiology requires special food, herbs and nutrition to support the melanated molecules in our bodies. Therefore, we must cater to this need exclusively.

Many of the health problems of Black people in the Diaspora result from nutritional deficiencies in our diet, chemical and environmental  pollution, vitamin-deficient food, etc. We require an Afrikan Diet of traditional organic foods such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and ground provisions such as cassava, yams, millet and sorghum.

Our food must contain no artificial preservatives, no artificial additives, no genetically-modified anything, no man-made chemicals and pesticide-free.